Thalappavu – Story of Naxal Varghese

September 10, 2008 by Sarath D R in Articles, General with 1 Comment

I remember – “Naxalite is the one who like his country more than the rest of us and thus more disturbed”. The movie Thalappavu portraits the story of Naxal Varghese who lead the Naxal movements in kerala in 1960’s. There were several speculations had been going on those days against the naxal movements in Kerala. But we don’t know what had provoked the young bloods to do such dreaded murders? The entire social set up was different or might be a lot of anarchy was there. Even if the killings were not excusable, the community might need that at the time. I hope this movie will surely create wave among the youth and will inspire them to rebel the injustice that has been going on nowadays. In this film Madhupal is wearing the role of a director for the first time. Prithviraj plays main the role , cinematographer, Azhakappan handles camera for the film and Alex Paul composes music.


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  1. NirenjanSep 18, 2008 at 11:27 am

    I watched the movie “thalappavu” last day at ernakulam.Defenitely the movie evoked a sense of eagerness to read and understand more about naxalism and the social system that prevailed during that period in kerala.Being a part of the so called consumerism driven youth of India did not allow me to go deep into the problems of society and understand them.iwas always behind the material gains.Now i have personally experienced how movies direct the minds for good cause.Kudos to the director for selecting such a topic for his debut film though i wished for it to deal a little more with naxalism as an ideology rather as the emotional struggles of the character well portrayed by Lal.The locations and cinematography really did justice to the yesteryears.

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